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An Introduction to World Socialism

Against environmental devastation

I recommend a talk by the mountaineer Glenn Morris on the theme "Business Growth in Conflict with the Environment" (July 3, 2010). You will find the video on the SPGB video page. Also:

The Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science

 Buffy Sainte Marie. No, no, Keshagesh!

 Global Warming & Climate Change Documentary

Against war 

 Speech by Charlie Chaplin

 Ich bin Soldat

About class society

 Working Class Hero - John Lennon

 Conspiracy Of Silence

About socialism

Speech on Socialism, Part 1 from Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

Speech on Socialism, Part 2 from Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

 John Lennon Imagine

 Prekrasnoe dalyoko (The Beautiful Far-Off Land)

 Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff


 Di Shvue — the Anthem of the Bund